Strong Families Equal A Strong Economy. 

While many would guess that divorce is the biggest driver of single parenthood, the reality is that unwed births, on the margin, are the primary creator of single-parent households. The greatest indicator of whether or not a couple will be together in five years is whether or not the two were married at the time their child was born. Two-thirds of unmarried couples will separate within five years, while 82 percent of married couples will still be together. Children from single-parent homes have worse outcomes.

Government should never be involved in addressing its citizens’ religious practices or many other personal and cultural issues. These are best left for communities and civil society to address. However, government data does demonstrate the strong correlation between regular church attendance (or increased religiosity) and positive social outcomes. Rhode Island has a relatively high level of religiosity, with 36 percent of the population reportedly participating in weekly church attendance in 2014.

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