Conclusion 2017

Rhode Islanders want to keep the Ocean State as our home, to see our relocated loved ones return, and to attract other American families to settle and work here. We want meaningful work and nancial security now, with ample hope for a bright future. We would much rather welcome and see the headlights of those on the highways pouring into our state, as opposed to waving good-bye and seeing the taillights of those we are driving away.

Yet, Rhode Island ranks 45th in the nation on the 2017 Family Prosperity Index because of its poor economic and cultural environments. This poor performance reduces opportunity for family prosperity and is exemplified by the fact that the Ocean State ranks in the bottom 10 states in the country on five of the six major indexes that comprise the Family Prosperity Index: economics (43rd), demographics (45th), family structure (41st), family self-sufficiency (41st), and family health (36th). Rhode Island’s best ranking is on the family culture major index, but even there, the state comes in at a merely average rank of 27th. 

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